There are those who counsel thus: Pain tells you that you are doing something wrong. I do not agree. I think of pain (and other unpleasant feelings) as a guidance system to tell me that I can do something that would make me feel better. In fact, if it shows up for me, I know it’s RIGHT because it is guiding me. It is helpful for us all to get away from “right” and “wrong” as it just IS.

So when I am in an place emotionally that I do not wish to be…

  1. I first acknowledge that I don’t like how I’m feeling. “Yuk this does not feel good AT ALL!!” I might even go into a bit of shock if it’s severe. I then allow myself to feel it fully and accept, “NO I don’t like this but it feels THIS WAY.”
  2. I, then, consciously realize this is happening for a reason, whether I like it or not, and it is for my own highest good and those around me, for the betterment all.
  3. Then I accept it as part of what I need for whatever reason, hell even if I don’t like it…and sit with that for a few minutes.
  4. Finally, I love myself through the feeling…”It’s ok…you are ok…you will be fine…you are not alone…we will get through this together…you are beautiful and I love you…I forgive you for whatever you think you’ve done wrong…” that kind of thing…

Trust me, if you try this you will find that the place you don’t want to be resolves itself almost immediately. Either the players in the drama shift dramatically, or you can see clearly what it is for and are able to make the needed adjustments. Or the right person comes along and say just the right thing that makes everything seem clearer to you. Most important, you will feel better about yourself!

And so when things go wrong, you are clearly somewhere you SHOULD be…try it on for size!! Most often, this is why we “go there” in the first place. It’s all an “undoing process” so that we can return to the place where we know Who We Are and that we are All That Is. Much love.