Yesterday was a day of tears for me. I woke very frustrated by a situation I found myself in. I was disillusioned, very hurt and unhappy. You see, my love for the process of awakening is pretty much all I want to experience now. It brings me joy and excitement for there is so very much opening for all of us here on the planet at this time. It is all I wish to do. Explore it, feel it and witness the change. I love to see the results in my every day life. And I love to help people by answering their questions and sharing new levels of insight that I get from a higher perspective that they themselves may not yet be able to see.

But yesterday, instead of concentrating on the things I love, I felt pressured to focus on what we all must focus on, 3D reality. I have been doing a lot of selling activities for my web design business and truly had hit a wall. Cold calling by telephone was simply not giving me any results. And I got very upset with myself because I don’t have time to waste. Against my better judgement, I listened to outside advice that is was a good way to get new business. I knew that I dislike cold calls so my energy was not happy. Plus with today’s technology, everyone screens their calls. So you get no contact with anybody. And most people know I am a people person. So I was very low. In my desire to “please,” had not stood in my truth.

Combined with the energies of the approaching equinox which many people said knocked them on their butts, I was not doing well at all…I cried for hours…I went across the street to see the neighbor’s horse who seemed to be waiting for me. And I cried to him for 15 minutes…sobbing tears while he sat over me with his head resting on mine. I felt so much comfort from him. I thanked him and then moved onto calling my friend, Keleena, who was a kind and caring voice of reason. She reminded me to go anchor with the trees. I resisted because I was in that much of a state but she convinced me.

I found an oak tree in my yard that I had not used to ground before. She is big and beautiful and I noticed as I approached her that she had a little seat just for me. So I sat and cried. Then K walked me through a way to ground my energies and clear my field which I had not done before. And after a bit, I noticed a little ledge in the tree that I could climb up on. I did just that and stood in the tree with my back against her. After I’d gotten centered, I told K I was going to go and just commune with the tree for awhile. I spent over 1/2 hour in that tree, standing in her and communing with her energy. We are now great friends. I have promised her I will go see her every day and stand on her perch and share energy with her.

My friends, we need to realize that we are going to have really rotten energetic days. We must find ways to bring ourselves back and not linger there for we are creating our reality quicker and quicker now. Anything we think of now starts to materialize immediately for us. I have seen this especially with things that are not preferable because our fear is a very strong force for creation. If you need to stop what you are doing, not matter how important you think what you are doing is, and gather your wonderful energies back. JUST DO IT.

In summary, the very next day, after really working to get myself grounded, I was able to find clarity. I realized I had to follow my new inner guidance and approach sales in a way that works best for me–not followed the “old conventions” I had been accustomed to. I decided to call on people in person. I chose retail places which are used to having people coming in and out all the time. I found everyone happy to see me and made a few really great contacts. I even got a request for a proposal. I was in 7th Heaven and knew that I was in my element.

THAT is what my centering did for me. I was able to seek my own inner guidance and realized that I needed to stand in my truth. Not listen to my old programmed voice which told me I SHOULD do it the old societal tried and true way. I know that I had projected my own feelings outwards to which others had encouraged me in that old fashioned way. I know now, they don’t care how I sell. They just wanted me to be successful see?
So if this happens to you…Don’t delay. Don’t make excuses. Don’t be so hard on yourself. JUST DO IT…Find your center even if it means stopping what you feel is very important for your 3D existance. BREATHE. BREATHE. BREATHE. Seeking clarity within. And let go. You will be glad you did.

Written with love by Debbie Saffer DuBois
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