Over the past several months, the main message that had been coming through from Source to me for twin flames and sacred partnerships revolves around experiencing abundance through our unique creative expressions. Creative expression is a higher dimensional phrase which equates in 3D to what we most offer refer to as “work.”

On this path, as you begin to raise in vibrational frequency, it becomes more and more important to express yourself through divine creative expression. Expressing yourself means using the skills, talents, and abilities that you were born with and have been demonstrating in various ways throughout this lifetime. These are also the abilities that you most likely tucked away, having decided long ago that using them is not a viable business option in order to make a living.

In order to move into greater expressions of creativeness that brings forth abundance in all its forms, one can actually book a session for abundance clearings. Keleena Malnar specializes in clearings which are meant to catalyze this in people. I have personally experienced the clearing and have made huge leaps and bound which I will be sharing in upcoming articles. But, there is something that needs to be understood. An abundance clearing really fires up the process for you, but the speed with which you experience abundance in your creative expression will always be directly proportionate to how effectively you have learned to use the tools of “letting go.” The abundance clearing service is invaluable and definitely puts one more directly onto the path to abundance, just be aware that there is no such thing as someone “doing the work for you.”

A big part of the individual’s ascension path, or the human’s raising in vibrational frequency is that it becomes necessary to clear all of the patterns and counterproductive thoughts, feelings, words, and actions from one’s day-to-day existence. When you do that, there becomes an insistence from your soul to spend more time doing what you love to do, which leads naturally to all forms of abundance. That is simply because there is less old patterning of thoughts to stop you. And once a good bit of the counterproductive programming is gone, you find that new vistas open up for creative expression.

If you have not yet begun your journey of discovering your creative expression in earnest, it is most likely that you are still in the “letting go” phase of dissolving counterproductive patterns. A significant amount of counterproductive patterns must be released and let go of before you are able to move more directly into creative expression and abundance. One could think of it as phasing out of the old and phasing in of the new. It’s an alchemy of sorts that is in a constant state of transformation. Each of us are in slightly different phases of the transformation, but you can bet it is taking place diligently.

For those of on the path of sacred union or twin flames, this transformation is happening with the help of catalytic experiences from your partner. Regardless of the path you have chosen here, there are some people who are showing you the way to higher vibrational frequency and you are acting as the way showers for others who are residing in lower vibrational frequency. And the path is clear. It involves mastering methods and techniques for releasing and letting go which work for you to release thoughts and feelings which are counterproductive. And it all involves becoming conscious, awake and aware.

It is quite common now for people to reach out to others for clearings and soul work. But what is important to know is that before these sessions can be truly successful, one must accept personal responsibilities to do the clearing work needed. Learning how to use clearing tools like ho’oponopono, Sedona Method, and EFT (tapping) will help you structure that releasing work. Eventually, no matter what tool you’ve learned, you’ll condition yourself to just LET GO automatically with no technique needed once you master it.

Thoughts—and consequently the feelings associated with those thoughts—are your responsibility. A healer can help you deal with etheric patterns and even physical patterns and ailments, but nobody can let go of the thoughts and feelings for you. That is where tools for clearing come in.

Please understand that if you seek outside assistance, and have not learned and consistently apply techniques for letting go that work for you, you will find that most outside clearings will not be nearly as effective. It would almost be better to invest that time in studying the releasing and clearing techniques or work with someone who can show you how to do this work and then couple that with healing sessions. It’s just very important to understand that if you are seeking outside help and you are not getting the results you desire, you can almost bet it’s because you have work to do on learning how to do your part.

Once you find the tools that work for you to help you easily let go and release patterns, then it will be more productive to find help from another who may be able to see the roots of programs that you yourself cannot find. People who can see past lives, read your energy field, tune into Source for you, etc. can be very helpful to find the roots to those issues that keep recurring. If, however, you do not have the training and determination to process and completely let go of the feelings and thoughts, you will be stuck in that spot until you do. That is why it is so important to find a clearing technique that works for you and practice it with great discipline. That is “the work” so many spiritual teachers talk about that eludes many. It’s simply “letting go.” It’s simple, but it isn’t easy.

Once you deal with a great number of these blocks, you are then positioned to make leaps and bounds into a new reality of creative expression and abundance.

~Written with love and light by Debbie DuBois

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