Everyone comes in with a creative expression that is the foundation for spiritual mission. The number of spiritual missions are as varied as the number of souls on the planet. The reason there are so many different kinds of spiritual missions is that we are all “One,” experiencing itself from unlimited perspectives. If we all had the same perspective, what would be the point?

Spiritual mission is the reason you came to earth. It can be a personal spiritual mission or one that intends to benefit others. Most likely, it is a combination of both. What benefits the One, benefits the Whole. Your spiritual mission continues to evolve and grow throughout your sojourn here. Your divine calling, however, is what skills, talent and abilities you inherently came here with, which add up to what you can DO. Your spiritual mission will typically involve the divine calling at various times throughout your lifetime here.

At this time, the overall spiritual mission of the multitudes is quite clear. In one way or another, people who came here now in this time are here to experience a rapid increase in vibration, which will catapult them into higher dimensional reality. That has been termed ascension, but a good way to think of it is this. It is a time of coming into your own knowing. And, to do any other true spiritual mission as the first awakening ones, you must first come into your own knowing before you can consciously serve others. Of course, being here we are always in service to others as we act as mirrors from them in their own realities, but we are talking about conscious spiritual service.

Only you can know why you came here. And that is part of the ascension of your own self into your own knowing. Coming into wholeness is the first step to really stepping fully into your spiritual mission using your divine calling. And many people are right in the middle of doing that. Some people, however, are just waking up to the fact that they are spiritual beings. They are just finding out what that actually means. Essentially, everybody is helping someone wake up in one form or another. But not all came here to teach at this time. Not all people came to show the way.

As part of our spiritual mission to become our fully authentic beings, we must discover the skills, talent and abilities that we came in with in order to fulfill our creative expression. It is creative expression—or divine calling—which brings us our abundance in the higher vibrations. Abundance comes in a myriad of ways. It is not always the money in the bank account, but is the resources that help us do more of what we came here to do. When we are doing that creative expression of our divine calling in our full authentic being, we are in the flow and more abundance continues.

Creative expression is another word for “work” as it’s known here on earth. In the higher dimensions, work is termed creative expression. As we start to uncover the blocks to our authentic being, creative expression is what we really end up enjoying most. We can make everything we do into creative expression. Even if it is mundane chores like folding clothes. We can accompany folding clothes with things we love to listen to, or converse with people. Spending time with family, we can focus attention on what they are experiencing and find interesting things to learn about even if they are not normally our own interests. No matter what, we can find time to enjoy creatively so we can nourish our souls.

For example, today I blocked time off today to go into the woods and write on my laptop. I am surrounded by horses, the sounds of cicadas, the wind in the trees and the crunching of horses eating grass. It is heavenly and it affords my soul the time it needs to flow information out that others may find helpful. I will probably not have to edit this writing much because it is coming from my soul. Now THAT is abundance. It gives me MORE TIME to do other things.

So how do you find your authentic talents, skills and abilities. Follow your joy. What is it that bring you the most happiness? Look back on your life. Write a list of the things you’ve done throughout your life which has brought you the most joy! That is where your skills, talents and abilities lie. Following your highest excitement is the only way you will ever find your creative expression.

Doing our soul work helps unlock those skills, talents and abilities as we get out of our own way. We also have to learn to remove our dependence upon others so that we no longer need outside approval. For it is the lack of approval from others that most often keeps us trapped out of our creative expression. Once we step into our own power and no not need outside approval, we no longer let others decide for us of what we are capable. For it was never really others stopping us anyway; we projected our fears onto others who then convinced us it could not be done for whatever reason. The strength we get as we clear our blocks enable us to see that clearly. Then we stop projecting this outward and get on with our highest excitement.

Doesn’t that make sense? Most of us had such creative times as children. We knew how we loved to spend our time. We knew what we loved. Then, most of us were told us that we cannot make a living doing that. We were convinced that we should follow “chosen professions” that will support us. Most of us complied.

What if they were wrong? What if the skills, talents and abilities we came in with is what makes us the unique beings that we are? What if we hone these skills, talents and abilities, and combine them with our highest excitement and joy and served others who need what we offer?

During this time, more people are finding what they love to do. They are foregoing having any abundance at all so they can be free to do what they love. The good news is that in this new energy, things have changed! Because the belief structure is changing ones from to higher vibrations. The only thing that might not have changed, is that you might still believe the old collective thoughts.

But guess what? When you discover for yourself that thing have changed, you will find that following your highest excitement IS the way to abundance. Why hitch onto other people’s highest excitement and allow yourself to be a small part of someone else’s abundance. There is nothing wrong with that at all, so long as it is also your highest excitement and you are prospering as well. After all, now IS the time for collaboration and coming together. But if it’s NOT your highest excitement, go find out what is. And a brand new world will begin opening up for you!

~Written with Love and Light by Debbie DuBois

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