Written by my Heart Center, I share this Invocation with you for unconditional love. <3 And through the LOVE I feel and extend, May All be Blessed <3 Say or share this with your Beloved and All who you hold dear! Your words are POWERFUL! Your intentions can make such a difference in the world. Remember that this path is all about loving that which you see as OUTSIDE of yourself, while understanding that you are THAT which you see. As you bestow love on others, and wish the best blessings for them, you are blessing yourself and the ALL THAT IS.

We move into new energies in 2018, ever moving closer to our infinite perfection in Unity! Sending you so much love!!

I Now Invoke for Thee…
All of Life’s Blessings

May You Be Granted Peace
May You Be Driven By Soul
May Your Desires Be Fulfilled
May You Be Soothed
May You Feel Loved
May You Be Comfortable
May You Know Warmth
May You Experience Pleasure
May You Be Healthy & Fit
May You Be Joyful & Happy
May You Be Excited with Purpose
May You Be Productive
May You Have Play Time
May You Be Abundant
May You Be Prosperous
May You Have Companionship
May You Know True Friendship
May You Be Surrounded by Children
May You Feel Belonging
May You Remain Safe
May You Sleep Peacefully
May You Experience Homecoming
May You Recognize Eternity
May You Know My Heart
From My Heart to Yours
I Bless You and Bless All
For We are One Heart and Soul
Forevermore ONE

~Written with love by Debbie DuBois

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