As the petals of the lotus flower that we are begins to unfold in our awakening, Source promises each of us increasing abundance as we move more into our creative expression. By definition, “creative expression” is the higher dimensional phrase which equates to what we think of as “work” here on earth. This term creative expression in the higher dimensions, however, could not be further from the word work. For creative expression is about play and joy.

On our spiritual awakening journey, the more we raise in vibrational frequency, the more important it becomes for each of us to express ourselves through divine creative expression. Expressing ourselves means using the skills, talents, and abilities that we were born with and have been demonstrating in various ways throughout this lifetime. It is also likely they were talents we tucked away, once we decided that they were not ones we could use in a viable vocational or money-earning way. One this journey, these skills, talents and abilities call to us to be remembered and used.

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For our soul knows that when we do what we love to do—things that come naturally to us—we begin to feel all kinds of new hope and surges of self-confidence. The Universe energizes us with the glory of our skills. The fruits of our labors of love being so rewarding we do not think twice about it. We just KNOW we are flowing. We FEEL the sense of accomplishment and the barrier to abundance begin to melt away.

That is why it is absurd for us to believe that one who has spiritual gifts should not charge money for what they do. All gifts are spiritual and to differentiate this in the world as not being spiritual is in error. All is spiritual. It is the new age / counterplot which wants to create division on this planet. In contrast, true spirituality dissolves differences. Once that happens, we are really able to enter the magical universe.

Conversely, even as we begin to express our true gifts, talents and abilities, if we do not feel worthy, or if we have mistaken beliefs, our natural ability to attract abundance will be stymied. Our feelings of unworthiness outweigh the natural draw of abundance and things that should come easily will remain at the fringes seemingly of reach. That is why the awakening process is so important. If we are not perceiving our wholeness, we can interpret everything through a filter that seems to be blocking our flow of abundance. And we are not at one with our higher expression when we are in that state of being.

A Course of Miracles delivers an interesting definition of what the bible and the Catholic church misconstrued in the word “atonement” which applies here. What it really means is to become AT ONE WITH. “AT-ONE-MENT.” Another way to look at it, is that our soul has a way of leading us back to Oneness with Self, naturally undoing all the old decisions we have made about ourselves that are unhealthy and counterproductive. When we become AT ONE with our highest being, the blocks are gone! And abundance can flow. The Course also teaches that this undoing process is done FOR US, implying surrender to what IS.

A part of the individual ascension path—or our raising in vibrational frequency—is that that we learn to let go so that we can easily have all patterns of imperfection, counterproductive thoughts, feelings, words, and actions from one’s day-to-day existence dissolved FOR US. And while it’s helpful to remember we have been given all kinds of clearing tools like ho’oponopono, Sedona Method, and EFT (tapping) that can help us structure a way to consciously shift energies. Eventually, however, no matter what tool we’ve learned, we’ll learn to just LET GO automatically with no technique needed once mastered.

We eventually awaken to the fact that all we are doing with our thought structures is adding context to what IS with our thoughts. Whatever is happening, WILL happen. It IS happening. We can enjoy the ride or we can provide a commentary with our perceived ideas and thoughts of what is happening. Letting go of our counterproductive stories of what is happening from the perspective of abundance (and everything else), enables us to BE in the moment of NOW.

When we do that, there becomes an insistence from our soul to spend more time doing what we love to do, which leads naturally to all forms of abundance. That is simply because there is less old patterning of thoughts to stop the FLOW. And as counterproductive programming is dissolved, we find that new vistas open up for creative expression. In this we find the simple joy and ecstasy of life.

And So It Is.

~Written with love and light by Debbie DuBois

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