When I pulled a card from Doreen Virtue’s Ascended Master deck, I got “See the Other Person’s Point of View.” The message was clear and I knew Source had some information for anyone going thrugh the catalytic heart awakening process of ascension or in a situation where their divine counterpart is going through a hard time.

Awhile back, I wrote an article called, Twinflame Shift is Happening, Come Hell or High Water!. where I shared that those of us who have been doing this Divine Masculine/ Feminine balancing act for awhile are now truly ascending to new levels of higher expression. However, the internal strength we are developing can actually drive a wedge between and keep us separated from our sacred partner if we are not mindful. And even now, this is true.

This is a reminder that the more we come into equilibrium between our divine feminine and masculine energy, the stronger we become and the more satisfying our lives are beginning to feel.  We are, however, cautioned by Source to remain vigilent and aware of the fact our very own strength can cause us to put up walls. These walls keep us separated from the ones we love. In a very real way, if we can remind ourselves to “See the Other Person’s Point of View,” and focus on coming from a place of great compassion, we can avoid building walls.

Those of us who have been on this path for many years can often find ourselves defending our position. We try to explain to ourselves and others. Help others understand why we are following such a crazy path when it doesn’t seem to make sense. In hindsight, however, we are aware that all of our hard work has brought us to this moment of now. And, in our strength, we are in the process of redefining our beliefs about ourselves. We are also redefining our beliefs about others. That very much includes our sacred counterparts. And, as those those belief structures are still being dismantled, even while we are working towards remaining in our own power. For when we stand in that power, there is a tendency to come from a place of ego to maintain that strength. Or, we use our ego to bolster our self esteem.

When we do this, we build up a strength that defends against the ones we love. And, this is where we are called to strike a balance between being in our own power and also being able to See the Other Person’s Point of View. It is in this space that we can consciously, and with full awareness, create a bridge between our ego and our higher self. Doing this calls for a great deal of compassion for the divine counterpart, even as we stand in our own power and strength, focusing on our situations before us in the moment of NOW.

There’s no doubt that the evolving souls who have been working to master divine masculine and Feminine balance for quite some time are moving more our own power. We are really starting to build something new from a space of the authentic being. There is no longer much doubt as to what we want and our determination grows to achieve what it is we set out to accomplish. Being very single-minded, however, we are cautioned to not so focus so exclusively that we miss new developments in our connection. There can be a real possibility of being a bit insensitive to our counterparts as we claim our own moments of now. It’s always good to focus on things which bring us great joy and happiness, but if we are not sensitive to others needs as well, we can contribute towards building walls if we are not careful. Once again, it is helpful if we remember to See the Other Person’s Point of View with compassion.

As we strive to peer into the Other Person’s Perspective, we must remember that our counterparts have also been undergoing great transformation. Many of them are at a point where the Universe is really forcing them to take a look at their severe unhappiness and take responsibility for correcting it. Source reminds that we create our own future by our present actions. If our counterparts are asking themselves why things are happening the way they are, Source would remind them that past mistakes can have future ramifications. But it would also remind them that present beliefs and actions are the most important to shaping their future.

They are being prompted to making choices that call for a happier future for them and those in their lives. And, these choices may be difficult. Source, however, encourages all not to fall into despair or despondency. For even if no action at all is taken, the Universe will create such pressure that change must happen. Then pressure creates a catalyst just like the force of a hurricane that comes to sweep away those things that do not have a solid foundation.

This spiritual hurricane uproots even the oldest of trees. Even those that have roots that have been entrenched for centuries. Is that not true? If we can, we are asked to trust the power of the Universe to help divine counterparts break old programming. It is with this knowledge that we should all rest easy in comfort. Using Source as our inspiration, we can show great compassion for our beloved, as we can remember also being at the crossroads of difficult decisions making.

We must not assume that sacred counterparts are taking no action. But but remain awake to the fact that many sacred counterparts they took the most incredibly ingrained programming for the patriarchal masculine that the planet has to offer in order to break them. Those who are here are powerful warriors that deserve our respect and trust. And we are asked to try very hard to see their point of view. It is time to champion and rally your belief in your beloved because what they have come to do is very difficult. Just remember that it is possible and probable. We did not come here to fail in these shifts.

No matter the circumstances or hardships the beloved finds themselves in at this time, they are more than likely headed out of the darkness. Their situations press down on them so that it’s about all they can take, but it will create catalytic shifts that it makes it almost impossible for them to NOT make it out of the dark. Some beloved counterparts are asking themselves “Am I going to make it?” Sources answer is a steadfast YES!

Our beloveds are guided by Source in the silence of their sleep. “Do not give up. Do not fear. Have faith that the tide is about to turn as new beginnings abound.” Source reminds us that this battle has been long and hard fought by sacred partners just as it has been for us. They are weary but not yet broken. Our strength and ability to focus on those thigns are now creating and manifesting brings great hope for our beloved who are silently watching from afar.

As the sacred counterpart conversely takes a serious look at their situation and finds it lacking. No longer being able to ignore their soul’s call, they are shown that the time for ignoring the need for change is over. They must stay focused and move forward with sheer willpower and determination. For these souls have remained focused on things like serving others with no regard for themselves. And that has kept them from doing what their hearts desire. Deep inside, they know what they want, but they have resisted making changes up to this point. The desire to run from situation they find themselves in is very strong, however, it is important to all concerned that they transmute or transform their current situations beforehand in order to move forward. That is what we need to know.

While it is not our journey, and we must remain focused on our own, the compassion we must have for our beloved is very important to our own journey. Through compassion we are reminded that this journey is truly about ascension and acknowledging our true multi-dimensionality. For the truth is, we do exist in other bodies at another time spaces and dimensions, but focus almost entirely on this particular incarnation. We must remember that other incarnations of us are having problems and issues, but it is just that we aren’t aware of it. So, if you can think of this sacred partner, as another incarnation of you, you’ll realize he/she is in your consciousness. But the totality of what you do with your own path will be inextricably linked to the success of both because it is ONE energy. Ultimately all of humanity is ONE energy. This is a microcosm of the macrocosm. And you are being asked to master that in this connection.

That being the case we must understand that we are all at a very critical stage of our soul’s evolution in awakening. By this knowledge, may our heart remain open and compassionate for ourselves and others. Seeing from our beloved point of view can be extremely valuable at this time. However, do not focus your energies anywhere other than what is right in front of you in the now moment. You are not being asked to refocus your energies on your beloved situation or circumstance. Nor, are you being asked to focus your attention outside of yourself.

Let this be a gentle reminder that love, compassion, understanding and patience is an energy space that we can choose to hold. And we can holding that energy while we are focused on our OWN moment of now. Therefore, the beloved is not our focus. But, the LOVE and LIGHT that we send from our Heart Center whilst we accomplish what set our intentions on, can be a bright beacon of hope to illuminate our beloved’s path .

The underlying message for both is that we are all getting ready to face exciting and new challenges. AND, we are receiving all the tools that we need to move forward. We may not be super experienced at what we were setting out to accomplish. But it’s important to know that we don’t have to be. The results will be us creating the best outcomes that we can. Try not to overanalyze our situations. Try remain in the moment of now. And, let it all unfold. When we come from a place of compassion and heart in all that we do, we will create the most amazing reality. BE conscious, aware, and awake. And intend to become aware of ALL other people’s point of view from your heart space.

We continue to move through a very intense period of time in the microcosm and macrocosm. For those of us who have done a lot of preparation, we are able to see from higher perspective points of view and know that the time we have waited for is fast approaching. If we have feelings of fear or uncertainty about what is happening, Source reminds us that all is in perfect order and the highest outcome is assured. So, travel lightly in heart. Laugh as much as possible. Sing, dance and frolic together as often as possible for we are stronger together. We will see this shift through, And, we will be ever so glad that we became the change that we wished to see here on the Earth. Able and willing to celebrate the new Energy Resonance.

And so it is.

With love, Debbie

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