A reader, who just read my most recent article, Showing Great Compassion and Holding Space wrote me about her situation which is reflective of many of my other readers. She let me know that even though she’d been on this journey for decades and had been feeling close to union, the last few weeks have presented themselves to be “intense” and in her words, “killing me.” Feeling completely out of control she is seeking answers. So I decided to pull some cards around it to see what Source has to say. I was guided to use the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid, shuffled and pulled three cards: The Bard, Trust and the Cat.

The BARD (7) reminds us that we come from a long storyline and history, whereby our present moment is a culmination of all things from the past that has happened to this point. And if we find ourselves at a point where we find a disruption in the loving union we’ve been experiencing whether 3D or 5D, there is good likelihood that there is still some pain points we need to address.

The TRUST card (47 or “11”) asks us to TRUST that our Higher Self has this one. We may have fallen into old patterns or have some programming left in some of our bodies, whether that be emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, angelic, or physical that needs to be cleared and we are asked to trust the timing of it all.

Also, I would like to add that in the information that was brought forth in my article, we are reminded that with two people involved, there is bound to be periods of time where either one has to go through amplifying, or shining the light on, hidden programming. During those periods of time, we are asked to TRUST. And, just because there is a huge bump, doesn’t mean union is not present. It just means there is another uncomfortable hiccup in the road and to be prepared for as many of these bumps as necessary to get you fully awakened and unprogrammed.

The CAT (18 or “9”) card reminds us that it is necessary to have healthy boundaries while sharing our love. Independence is important while keeping an open heart and holding space for the union. So, the cat card popping up here indicates that during any times of turmoil even in union or on the way to union, just like the Source information channeled in my article, it’s important to keep a good balance between being independent and focused on self-care in the moment of NOW and holding space for the other person.

Hope this helps! Love you guys <3 ~ Debbie

PS. If you haven’t heard my most recent episode of The Collective Awakening, with Aria, about her twin flame journey into intuitive divination tools (oracle/tarot readings) you might want to have a listen… a really great inspiring conversation about following your dreams and passion!