A couple weeks ago, on my radio podcast The Collective Awakening, I had one of my cozy conversations with Lisa Janell, my dear friend and one of my own “go-to healers”. During our conversation about how she connected with Green Woman Wisdom, she helped me to better understand divine feminine energy than I ever have. First, I will say that she carries true divine mother energy, so I could see the demonstration of the divine feminine energies just from spending time with her. It was during our conversation on the show, however, she explained to me how the divine feminine is all about being a receiver.

Receiving everything from the vast amounts of information that is constantly bombarding our senses, we can almost read our environment as in a dream-like state. The Universe is always speaking to us in so many ways, through signs and symbols, words and energy. And, to be aligned with the divine feminine energies, is to be open to receiving vast quantities of information that our environment provides us. We take it all in (receive) and, then using our masculine energies, express in physicality (manifest) whatever it is that our soul desires.

Those who have been in more alignment with their feminine energies can find it challenging to create what we wish to create in the physical. That is because we are primarily receiving and taking information in and have not developed enough masculine energy to materialize or manifest that which we desire. Those who are more in alignment with their masculine energies, tend to spend more time doing, and may not be open enough to receive all the information coming in. This means that even though we are trying to manifest our desires, we are missing some very important information to do that. That is why attaining a good balance between feminine and masculine energies is so important.

Traditionally, in the more economic model of relationship we would partner with someone who helped balance the energies. Think about it. One person who carries more feminine energy would receive the information and be open to accumulate the energies, and then theoretically, they would get the assistance they need from their partner in manifesting their goals. Unfortunately, this traditional pattern of imbalance trying to balance itself led us to partner with people who we absolutely had very little in common with. Typically, those people had incompatible personality styles and couples would find themselves drifting apart, or arguing over differences, always in state of compromise in order to remain together.

Like attracts like. In the old model, like also attracted like, however it was past on programming and compatibility. So, if both carried patterns that were compatible, it didn’t matter if the personalities were compatible. They were attracted to the old patters, each playing their part.

As we move out of the old model of relationship into the new, the emphasis on wholeness within self is really representative of balancing our feminine and masculine energies. NOT so that we don’t need another person. However, so that we can have successful relationships with people who are more like us. With both people having a good feminine masculine balance, both can equally contribute the union. Being better able to manifest all the good things that they typically both desire as they are aligned that way. People who are alike, typically enjoy the same types of things and seek the same preferences. Together, they are able to create what they prefer and support each other in that creative expression.

If one is moving out of an imbalance of more feminine energies to balance more equally with their masculine energies, we will find ourselves being given more lessons in boundaries. Just saying “no” when we have extended ourselves far beyond where we should. This is because we receive all this information from the Universe, we receive all this wisdom and information but do not know when it is time to manifest it by putting it into action. Therefore, we typically need help or assistance from others to create what we want to create. And, without the masculine part of ourselves being developed enough, this creates a cycle of giving, giving and giving, hoping to get the help we need. Unfortunately, when we are giving too much to others, we attract those who will take and take. It a counterbalance to our own feminine quality of giving and giving. But, if we shift in perspective, we can see that these “takers” come to us as lessons to teach us how to set boundaries. It is masculine energies that sets boundaries and “just says no.” How wonderful for those who have a need to develop our masculine energies that these lessons come. We will continue to be pressed by the Universe to draw boundaries and thereby develop our own masculine energies.

Those who are imbalanced in a feminine energy way will tend to go emotionally deep and sometimes have a hard time finding their way out to higher perspectives, often counting on other people with more masculine energies to help them regain control of their emotional states. This is because they feel the information being received from the Universe all around them so deeply. And, without masculine boundaries, can sometimes go into sensory overload. This is another reason balancing out feminine energies with masculine energies can help!

Those who are moving out of an imbalance from masculine energies into more feminine energies are encouraged to allow ourselves the permission to let go and not always try to control things. One of the ways we do this is to try to maintain higher perspectives or “float above it all” or “BE above it all.” This state of being is great in terms of manifestation, but by not allowing the soul to dive in and experience deeply the incoming information, often through our fields, we kid ourselves into feeling we are whole and balanced. When we are essentially keeping ourselves from feeling and experiencing the depth of wisdom each of those experiences bring.

In our masculine energies we try to maintain control of ourselves and situations so that we don’t find ourselves in a bad place. A Course in Miracles teaches a simple principle, which is not easy. And, that is that we would DO what we would defend against. In other words, when we work really hard to ensure we defend ourselves against something, we almost always will CREATE it in the process. So, if we fear being out of control, we will create all kinds of ways of being out of control. It is masculine energies that tries to maintain control, but any strength when over used becomes a weakness. Therefore, the only way to do truly balance that is to let go of the want of control.

Still having been working with an imbalance in favor of masculine energies, in one of my sessions with Lisa, she provided a safe space for me and encouraged me to allow myself the opportunity to let go of the masculine control. She encouraged me to allow myself to NOT have to hold the highest perspective or float above the difficulties I was experiencing and the results was incredibly releasing. I found myself able to dive deep into feelings I had been trying to avoid through defense mechanisms of the masculine energies when the inner child was crying out to be heard.

I allowed all the pain (and other information) the feminine side of me had been absorbing through my “receptors” to be there as best I could. I was then able to let it flow out of me. Lisa explained to me that this pain is an essence that no longer serves is collected and taken up to the transferring station where they transmute it. They send gratitude to those of us who contracted to take this journey, walked the earth, learned the lesson. Then they take that dark heavy energy or toxicity that we carried in the human physical form, transmuting it into Light and deliver it to the akashic records. Lisa explained that when we do that, we are adding wisdom to the akashic records.

So essentially, our aim to balance those two energies by unblocking the elements that keep us more or less in one polarity by programming and experience. Those programs and experiences were misinterpreted by our inner child during a particular stage of life, either through biology (DNA programming) or societal programming. And they became the filters we view the world. Inherently, we developed more feminine or masculine traits based on that.

Therefore, realize that being “out of balance” has nothing to do with being a man or woman; it simply means we carrying more of energetic programming of one energy more than another. And in this point in the arc of time, this is completely normal. But when we can understand that it is merely programming that keeps us out of balance, we can begin to identify both energies in ourselves and allow the ascension process to help you come into balance. The Higher Self is at the helm and you don’t really need to worry too much about it. But consciousness certainly does help.

With consciousness, we begin to open up to the potentials of what it means to be balanced and in wholeness. Then our Higher Selves orchestrate those catalytic experiences which bring us opportunities to change our perspectives (or programming) on what we believe we are experiencing. We begin to see from other perspectives. The Universe then brings us more opportunities to make new decisions. And, eventually, we are by the very nature of the process balancing our feminine and masculine energies. So, let go and allow. Think feminine receptivity. Think masculine manifestation. It takes both energies.

The really beautiful outcome of this balancing process is a WHOLE being! Not a whole being that needs no one else, but a whole being who can share their wholeness with others. Then, life becomes a dance of collaboration in creative expression with like individuals who are also in wholeness. The instruments of the orchestra that produce an incredibly lovely sound when played together!

And so it is.

Source Transmission 2/25/19
Via Debbie DuBois

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Lisa Janell, I have posted our episode of The Collective Awakening below. I personally consider her to be an incredible healer and counselor. I would recommend her to anyone who really needs someone who is kind and nurturing and really wants to make some progress!

“Lisa Janell has helped changed my life through her ability to provide a safe and compassionate space for me to release those aspects of patterning that have stopped me from embodying my highest authentic being. I have worked with a lot of people over the years and always considered myself an adept student. But, it was hard hard for me to find someone who was able to help me get to the deepest core wounds because I didn’t want to “go there.” I never felt safe to do so until I met Lisa. I truly believe she carries the divine mother energies and I trust her completely. Additionally, she has downloaded several snapshot healings for me at the most incredible times, just as I’ve requested them from the Universe, delivering them with love and grace. I highly recommend Lisa for anyone who wants some true help in getting to their core wounds, or wants to improve and change their health—whether that is mental health, spiritual health or physical health. ” ~ Debbie DuBois