The whole of March was an incredible time of expansion for most of us. There were a large number of people who were focused more on inner expansion and overcoming their old programming from an inner honoring standpoint, while others have been focused on expansion of their outer worlds and creative expression. Regardless, the need for self-care has been highlighted during this entire past month. With Mercury in retrograde (going direct on March 28), many of us have been feeling a bit disconnected and/or isolated from others. We may wake up in the morning realizing that we have had very few social connections during this time because we were so focused on our inner world or outer expression. That has left us feeling a bit lonely at times. However, who had time to feel lonely, right? As things have moved rather quickly—even if things have “slowed down” for some—we are rather focused on NOT being lonely by enjoying our own space. So, in essence we don’t FEEL lonely per se, except for those rare few moments when we stop the deep focus.

The tendency to focus on other things, rather than self-care means that we often find circumstances that force us to face our need for it. That being said, our soul’s prompting us into having to care for ourselves is one of the greatest “miracles” in the ascension process. The more that we delve into our creative expression or deep diving into overcoming our programming, the greater the need to take time for the care of self. And, if we don’t, our soul has a way of making sure we get the hint!

For example, in my life, I’ve been so focused on a huge development project I’ve been working on for so many years that is in the process of manifestation, I can barely think of anything else! I’m driven to distraction and the result has had my body calling for attention. It is true that the ascension process forces us to stay in balance with our soul’s intension of experiencing ascension. And, if we do not pay attention to the necessary balance in our lives, something will speak loudly to us. In this case it was my body.

Thankfully, once my body speaks to me loudly enough, there are several ways I have found to alleviate and work through that body stress. One of the ways I’ve found is to have a hands-on Reiki session. Some of you know Krystine Torella who happens to be in my local circle here in Atlanta. Her soul called her into spiritual mission from a sole focus on her real estate business to a dual focus on both that and her Reiki studio. Her soul knew people like me would be needing her! So, like me she has a dual career. One career in the “real world” (which is rapidly shifting of course!), and one career in the spiritual field.

The incredible synchronicities that lead each of us to find our soul family members is one of the most truly amazing testaments to the miracle that ascension is. For a miracle is simply a collapse in time. Ascension is, in and of itself, a happening that collapses time into the reality of NO TIME. Therefore, doesn’t it make sense that we would learn about miracles through synchronicities while ascending in our knowledge of ourselves? Thus, awakening to our true nature? (If you have not heard Krystine’s story, I have included a link to our podcast on The Collective Awakening below).

On a side note, I’ve experience Reiki energy and long-distance healing before. I have sent healing to other people with the intent of channeling healing through my hands to another person with love and gratitude, and been told it helped. And, I certainly have had plenty of help from my soul family who have sent me Reiki Healing in times of need, which made a significant difference to my state of being. But I had never really taken time to go HAVE a Reiki session in person.

That changed this year when I met Krystine. And, what I discovered when I went for an in-person session was that the human touch was so important for me as I hardly have time for hugs and have few physical connections with people. And it was time and space I carved out for ME. I was reminded that we are in a physical world which provides physical connection. There is nothing like true physical material world healing. I also received a chakra balancing which was a very fascinating experience. I’ve never been one to really work with my chakras, and it was incredibly helpful to see the colors of the chakras in my minds-eye and feel them functioning in harmony and balance.

If you have never had a Reiki session, I highly recommend it! While I am not aware of any serious illnesses that need healing in my body, after a session I have an incredible sense of well-being, balance and lack of bodily discomforts. It’s incredibly relaxing and a great counter to stress. You may find that you have releases of energy which come out as emotions, or feel little or big aches and pains leave the body. And, if you have a headache or migraine, Reiki can be very effective. Each experience is unique based on what the body needs at the time!

So, this ties antidote of self-care plays into the energies of the past month and how it has been affecting us now. Many of us are discovering that physical connection with people is once again becoming important more to us. Not just in the ordinary ways of small talk and spending time, but in our deep and meaningful appreciation for those who we care about. We now desire to spend physical time in the company of others even if for short periods of time. It’s no longer a need. It’s a privilege and we are grateful for that time!

What is interesting is the number of people that I’ve communicated with over the past month—or even NOT communicated with but glimpsed through Facebook and Instagram, and other social media—who are busy and completely absorbed in interesting projects, upcoming events and creative ventures. Creating everything from music, to art, to building, to designing, to workshops, to events, to new businesses, it seems that most people are really starting to manifest some of their dreams through creative expression.

People who have found themselves a bit more isolated in their circumstances (maybe a little less collaborative) have also been seeking new horizons to explore, new places to travel to or to live. Or, checking out new projects or hobbies that will continue the expansion of their worlds. And, simultaneously in all cases, any deep rooted or core wounds that have not been completely dealt with, pop up quickly like intense summer storms that pass rather quickly, leaving us feeling refreshed and renewed.

So, if we find ourselves in intense periods of hard work and focus, we are reminded to stop and nourish ourselves. And even more importantly allow the gratitude to bubble up within us. To feel appreciation for the creative process and the deep knowing that success in what we are working towards—no matter what it is—is within reach.

This is the journey on which we are now embarked. We must, however, remember to remain lighthearted and full of playfulness as there can be a tendency to feel “tied down” or “trapped” when we put so much emphasis on the outcome of our creative projects. Lest we forget to give our projects room to breathe. The drive and desire to manifest is so strong right now that it automatically calls forth our discipline and our constant “eyes on the prize” laser focus. However, the self-care piece cannot be overemphasized. It is that self-appreciation that gives you the breathing room to allow Source to step in and create the miracles your ventures, projects, and creative expression are bound to experience!

And so it is.

Much love,
Debbie DuBois

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about Krystine Torella, I have posted our episode of The Collective Awakening below. Krystine is someone I recommend her to anyone who would like to experience an incredibly healing hands-on Reiki session. Her Reiki studio is in Kennesaw, Georgia and she is available for distance healing as well! Here is a link to her website: . You can also find her here on Facebook:

“I highly recommend Krystine Torella for anyone who would like to experience stress melting away, to be replaced by inner harmony and balance. The relaxation I receive from my sessions at Zen Den Reiki Healing are well worth the time and money! Krystine is kind and patient and has incredible healing energies in her hands. I would also recommend a chakra balance!” ~ Debbie DuBois