About The Awakening Toolbox

The Awakening Toolbox began as an idea Debbie DuBois and Chris Rose had to provide meaningful information and tools to those seeking to journey inward. During these times of shift and change, there is a growing desire for each of us to learn more about ourselves. On this journey, there are so many different ways we can explore our spiritual beings. 

Through helpful articles, radio broadcasts, workshops, and metaphysical “permission slips” (fun products), newly awakening people or people who have been on this journey for a long time can explore all kinds of elements which help them learn more about themselves.

From Crystals, to Astrology, to Tarot, to Chinese Medicine, to Crystals, to Twin Flames, and so much more, here at The Awakening Toolbox, there is something for everyone!

Whether you are interested in reading articles, listening to radio shows, attending a workshop (live or online), to browing our shop, there are so many different tools you can use to explore your inner most being.

Think of The Awakening Toolbox as your own personal Ascension Academy of Self Exploration. Please feel free to contact us through email if you’d like to comment or have any ideas on how we could improve your personal academy experience!